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(SCP) to be inclusively Catholic within the Anglican Communion. Part of our inclusive Catholic vision is the belief that God calls both.

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Providing services for adults 16 years of age and older who are experiencing crisis. Face- to-face counselling is provided sessions by appointment or drop-in Monday-Friday, The Mobile Crisis team will go to individuals in the community i. Support for parents who have lost a child, youth who have lost a parent or sibling, women who have experienced a miscarriage.

Offers support groups, workshops, and one-on- one peer support. Grief counselling and bereavement support. Also offers other counselling services. Fee with sliding scale free services may be available depending on income and circumstance. This group offers on-going peer support for individuals who are still experiencing shock or are having extreme difficulty in coping with their loss are encouraged to seek alternative forms of support.

This is not a therapy group, but a peer support group.

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Award-winning site by youth for youth. Providing information, resources and tools to help youth manage stress, crisis, and mental health problems. Government-based information site providing up-to-date information on mental health news, research and events.

Child welfare assessment, parenting coordination following separation or divorce, youth justice and mental health services, support and preparation for children testifying in court. A group for people with social phobia who would like to give and receive support to others experiencing similar anxiety. This is a peer support group, not a therapy group. Recurrent or chronic conditions including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive- compulsive disorder, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Offering inpatient, outpatient and outreach community services. Telephone support, information and referral for women who have experienced sexual or physical assault or domestic abuse. Also provides help with safety planning and finding a shelter in your area. Provides counselling and support to women who have been abused by their partners.


Includes safety planning, advocacy, one-on-one counselling and support groups. Treatment and counselling for women and children who have experienced sexual assault or domestic abuse. Services for women who are involved in substance abuse and are pregnant or parenting children ages years. Support groups, mother-child groups, workshops. Detection, assessment and treatment for individuals who have experienced a psychotic disorder for the first time.

Inpatient and ambulatory services to people diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. Offers assessment, treatment, discharge and transition support, and follow-up care and rehabilitation. Counselling and support for women and women-identified who have experienced recent or historical sexual violence. In times of crisis, these critical tasks can snowball into a personal breakdown. However, most crisis counselors, first responders, and psychological professionals are not currently trained in SPR. Leveraging private funding, the collaborative has now trained over people in SPR, including first responders working on the Camp fire.

Researchers at Stanford are currently evaluating the impact of the tools offered by the collaborative. Besides the work of the app, they are also studying the usage of SPR by responders and how it affected survivors, as well as the effectiveness of the trauma-informed yoga. Meanwhile, Mason and others in the collaborative have been contacted by communities nationwide looking to share its approach.

Despite the massive and ongoing destruction caused by wildfires, hurricanes and floods in the US, even a cost-effective program like this is still a hard sell. Last Leal heard, they were living in their pickup camper.

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To residents like Iyer and Leal, the initiative has been invaluable. He took some of the free yoga classes and ended up teaching classes himself, crediting this with his own recovery. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Wildfires. Mental health Climate change Natural disasters and extreme weather California Health features. Cuellar was found dead the following day. Colombian troops of the elite Task Force Omega then stormed the camp, capturing fifteen FARC rebels, as well as 25 rifles, war materials, explosives, and information which was given to military intelligence.

The troops then exchanged fire with the rebels. During the fighting, a teenager was killed in the crossfire.

When Juan Manuel Santos was elected president in August , he promised to "continue the armed offensive" against rebel movements. By the end of , it became increasingly clear that "neo-paramilitary groups", referred to as "criminal groups" BACRIM by the government, had become an increasing threat to national security, with violent groups such as Los Rastrojos and Aguilas Negras taking control of large parts of the Colombian countryside. In , the FARC killed at least members of the security forces, while wounding more than 2, By early , Colombian authorities and news media reported that the FARC and the clandestine sister groups have partly shifted strategy from guerrilla warfare to "a war of militias", meaning that they are increasingly operating in civilian clothes while hiding amongst sympathizers in the civilian population.

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In , the Colombian Congress issued a statement claiming that the FARC has a "strong presence" in roughly one third of Colombia, while their attacks against security forces "have continued to rise" throughout and In , the Colombia Military launched The Espada de Honor War Plan, an aggressive counterinsurgency strategies that aims to dismantle FARC's structure, crippling them both militarily and financially.

The plan targets FARC leadership and it is focused on eliminating 15 of the most powerful economic and military fronts. On July 20, , as peace talks were making progress, two rebel attacks on government positions killed 19 soldiers and an unspecified number of combatants. It was the deadliest day since peace talks began in November On 15 December , 9 FARC guerrillas were killed in the aftermath airstrikes conducted by the Colombian air force in the Meta province.

On 22 May , the FARC suspended a truce after 26 of its fighters were killed in a government air and ground offensive. On 2 October , the results of the referendum to decide whether or not to support the peace accord showed that In October , President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his resolute efforts to bring the country's more than year-long war to an end. The Colombian government and the FARC on November 24 signed a revised peace deal and the revised agreement will be submitted to Congress for approval.

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The dissidents number some armed combatants [30] [] with an unknown number of civilian militia supporting them. Jhon 40 and their dissident 43rd Front moved into the Amazonas state of western Venezuela. Venezuela has served as the primary location for many FARC dissidents. Peru issued a day state of emergency in the Putumayo Province , an area bordering both Colombia and Ecuador. On the first day alone, more than 50 individuals were arrested in the operation, while four cocaine labs were dismantled.

The group has attempted to recruit locals in the Putumayo Province in Peru to take up their cause.

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The destruction of physical infrastructure has represented high costs for several sectors of the economy, directly altering production and distribution networks. The costs generated by damage to the oil infrastructure have shown a substantial increase since This is mainly explained by the increase in attacks on oil pipelines by groups outside the law. This equates to This is the first sector most affected by the terrorist actions of groups outside the law.

The costs are mainly derived from the spilled oil, "[ This is equivalent to 5. These costs are equivalent to 1. However, generally these have not been quantified, because of the difficulty they have to be directly calculated. This tends to present itself as a generalized problem in quantifying the costs associated with conflict. This is explained, in part, by the tendency in the various economic sectors not to denounce this type of actions that, in one way or another, interrupt the normal functioning of economic activities.

Colombia is the country in which more people are and have been kidnapped. The former comprise mainly the payment of ransoms and the expenses assumed by the State to control and prevent it. Indirect costs include, "[ According to data from the Directorate of Justice and Security of the DNP , this phenomenon shows an increasing trend.

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With respect to the costs of sequestration, the sources suggest an increasing behavior between and In such a way that "the average annual growth rate is 9. Within these costs, While spending on defense and security becomes very important to examine when dealing with a country immersed in an armed conflict, the analysis on this issue are relatively recent. Spending on defense and security includes, on the one hand, the means by which the State must have to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity, and on the other, the costs involved in maintaining internal security.

Various studies of National Planning suggest that the Colombian State spends a much greater percentage in defense and security than other Latin American countries. That is, 2. The excess of said expense, compared to the average cost of neighboring countries, It was close to 0. A Fedesarrollo study states that the Spending on defense and security carried out during "[ On the other hand, for the year , the expenses of the Colombian Government in war and security were 6.

Within this context, the most serious consequences are related to the devaluation of the properties, the loss of productivity of the land -represented in the products that could potentially have been cultivated in these lands- and the difficulty in managing the efficient production of the lands. The duration and expansion of the national conflict has had a significant impact on the distribution of income and wealth in Colombia.

According to an investigation by the CEDE of the Universidad de los Andes , "as a result of the displacement, the displaced households have left behind a little more than four million hectares, which correspond to 6. It is estimated that 1. That is to say, "[ Although the agents adjust their investment behavior, that is, they internalize the phenomenon of violence, assuming it as a change in the structures of the economy [] in the long term the investment of both the State and the private sector is diminished in substantial ways.