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I now have an infectious disease doctor on my list of caregivers. I now take antibiotics before any procedure, including dental work. I've been told that anyone that has had sepsis is more likely to get it again. I'm not looking forward two round 3! I woke up at 1 am with rigors and felt extremely unwell all day.

At my foot started going red and by that evening I was in Accident and Emergency AE with pulse and temperature They took blood samples and C-reactive protein was They sent me home with IV line in and I was asked to return for next 3 days for IV antibiotics to treat my sepsis. After being home under 2 hours I took a dive and blue lighted back to AE where I was admitted and given IV antibiotics for 14 days.

I had two infected cuts on my body from gardening, the skin swelled it was very painful, hot, and discolored. I had treatment from a homeopath , it did help initially and then it suddenly got worse.

I felt my health deteriorating, felt so confused, had red lines going up my arm and leg, and was cold with temp Blood pressure BP was initially elevated as stressed by pain, then went low. I had the infection 2 weeks.

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I went to the hospital and the doctor was very busy and short-staffed. I told him I felt like collapsing and asked for a wheelchair, and he told me to get up and walk; he did not get how serious it was. He gave me IV antibiotics 2 g flucloxacillin which I believe saved my life, and oral antibiotics for 7 days. I spent 2 weeks collapsing, I could not drive or do anything. It was the most frightening experience of my life that I could not get the first doctor to understand how ill I was. Never ever underestimate a serious skin infection, it can gallop and spread.

I am a registered nurse of 35 years' experience and I knew this was far from normal. I had contracted sepsis in the hospital after an operation going badly wrong. I had my stomach and bowel cut which left me in a coma and in intensive care. This was 3 years ago and I still have signs of sepsis to this day. I had a case of diarrhea. My doctor sent me to the hospital to have it checked out. They took a sample and said I had sepsis so they gave me an antibiotic.

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This treatment did not help. About a week later my husband told me what happened. I have no memory of it at all. He said that he took my temperature and said it was , and that I was confused, so he called an ambulance to take me to the emergency room. They put me in ICU.

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After a week I was not getting any better, so they had to intubate me. I was intubated for 6 days, and every time they tried to get me breathing on my own it didn't work. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and rehabilitation for 1 week. My family still tells me the awful stories of those 3 weeks.

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My 16 year old daughter had sepsis. Our doctor was brilliant and spotted it straight away and sent us to hospital. My husband practically carried me into the ER 6 hours after I started feeling ill, with a temp. I couldn't even walk.

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I spent the next day and half unconscious the Dr. The hospital called me over 24 hours later and said to take me to the ER by an ambulance as my blood cultures were positive for staph and I was septic. I ended up in ICU in sudden respiratory and cardiac failure due to over 8 liters of fluid overload. After recovering from C-diff diarrhea , critical low potassium , severe anemia and 3 units transfused, paralytic ileus, and nearly dying a couple of times, I went to rehab for 10 days to learn to walk again.

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The wound doctor diagnosed me with bilateral Charcot foot 2 months after I was discharged. The hospital doctors mentioned Charcot joint, but never followed through. By the time I was discharged from rehab and walked around with a walker for 2 months, my feet were nearly destroyed from the Charcot deformities.

I told the orthopedist twice that I could barely walk on my feet; he didn't say anything. Why didn't the ER doc admit me the first time he documented I was alert and oriented and able to answer questions, although my husband told me later he couldn't understand a word I tried to say to him or the doctor. The radiology tech told me later he had never seen anyone so sick come in through the ER and be discharged! Why didn't the doctors and nurses recognize my fluid overload before I ended up in ICU?

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Why didn't the orthopedic surgeon who drained my leg abscesses twice follow through with proper treatment for Charcot non-weight bearing casting? I know God saved my life, in spite of the doctors. My mom had sepsis. I found her in her bathroom, ice cold. I had to call someone from her senior citizen duplex to come unlock the door and he said for me to wait on her couch. He said she was not breathing and that he thought she had passed. All I could do was scream, then he said she was breathing a little.

I stayed in the hospital the whole week. She came home and had to have home health care for her wounds she had. She was diabetic. I guess they didn't do something right, she passed away 3 months later. I told the surgeon about stiffness beside location of implant in place to fix busted knee cap. I was dumb enough to even go to that place, they told me no x-rays of implant were done. They told me it was ok and because of sepsis my leg was amputated by the surgeon who is well known for lots of amputations. I went to hospital with bad chest pains, they discovered pericarditis , and treated it with antibiotics.

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When out of hospital a follow up letter from my cardiologist said I had sepsis as well as pericarditis but I was never once told this about the sepsis so was shocked to read it in a letter. I had sepsis in after an ostomy, spent 21 days in ICU and 3 months total in the hospital. This is not something you can take an aspirin for. Some 6 years later, diet and life style change, all is well. I wish I could remember all that had happened, but I don't. Friends and family had written me off.

It was very hard to control this awful disease. I was having an abortion which resulted in my having sepsis and being hospitalized. It was done by a doctor, who used a method causing sepsis. Having been near death and suffering through the trauma I am lucky to be alive. I'm a 30 year old female.