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These schemes can manipulate the prices of homes higher, and often involve identity theft and loan documentation fraud techniques that gangsters have mastered. But these schemes are operated across Canada, he said. These real estate scams rely on circles of colluding buyers and sellers, and are used to launder fraud and drug-trafficking proceeds, and also to fraudulently obtain property to use in drug-trafficking schemes.

For the banks that are duped into providing loans in these complex transactions, loan losses can be big. A review by Global News of a number of cases involving B. Lottery casino money laundering suspects, shows incredibly complex mortgage foreclosure cases involving Canadian banks, mortgage investment corporations, and private lenders that have criminal records and associations.

The Way, The Truth, and The Life

In many of these cases, the assessed value of mortgaged homes is dwarfed by the value of multiple loans taken out against the properties. Organized crime is also heavily involved in stock market manipulation and mass market and corporate theft fraud schemes, Tso said. Corporations that suffer big losses know that with low chances of gaining convictions and having defrauded funds returned, it could be better to keep cases quiet rather than suffer the embarrassment and reputation risk of having a big fraud disclosed in court.

In the case, Tso said 5, investors from across Canada lost money in fraudulent investments that were sold by professional brokers and crafted by experienced lawyers and accountants. More Weekly Flyers. Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first.

July 8, am. Updated: July 8, pm.

Self-made millionaire: A simple chart changed the way I think about money

Get daily local headlines and alerts. Report an error. I finally found a movie that I can take my parents to that is not vulgar, that's not so CGI-driven or about outer space, that they can relate to'", Estevez happily reports in a recent interview with CBN. Interested in producing good, old-fashioned storytelling, Estevez and Sheen, along with co-producer David Alexanian, want people to find The Way in theaters this weekend. The Way is a very personal project, born out of an impromptu driving trip Martin Sheen took with his grandson Taylor on the Camino de Santiago, a thousand year old walking trail in the north of Spain.

There, Taylor Emilio's son met the girl of his dreams, his now wife. Inspired by the trail, The West Wing star enlisted the writing talent of his son to make a movie with the Camino as the backdrop. Estevez initially resisted the idea, but was later convinced a moving story could be told. He started with his main character - Tom, a backslidden Catholic who treks the Camino after his son accidentally dies walking the trail during a violent storm. He's a "stranger in a strange land", explains Estevez. Unlike Dorothy who invites the other three to come along, Tom doesn't want to have anything to do with them.

They invite themselves; and isn't it true that sometimes people come into our lives who we don't want to have anything to do with, ultimately teach us the greatest lessons. So the idea was through these three individuals, Tom would become a father to them in many ways that he was never able to be a father to Daniel. So, when we meet her, she's got a hole in her heart, and she is our Tin Man," Estevez says. And when [Tom] says, 'What are you, all five?

Then, Jack, of course, is our Scarecrow, suffering from writers block, not having a brain. The complexities of each character aren't fully realized until they reach their end. With each step they take together, we see their a bit more of their flaws and motivations for pilgrimage.

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The lessons learned are many, but, according to Estevez, the message is clear. As an agnostic according to an interview with heraldscotland. But, he does acknowledge the divine favor during the day filming of The Way. A key scene in the film almost didn't happen. It wasn't until 48 hours before they were set to shoot inside the cathedral that they were finally given the permission to do so.

They didn't know whether we were going to denigrate it or uphold the sacredness of it," says Sheen. It didn't matter what the movie was about. They said, 'No entrance. We can't have this'. And they also didn't want to set a precedent. With the church leadership against allowing the shoot, Estevez took a leap of faith and asked his Hollywood seasoned cast and crew to do something a little unconventional. Producer David Alexanian also noticed how even the weather cooperated with their filming schedule despite reports that they should expect to fight with rain every day of their day shoot on the trail.

To the cast and crews amazement, only two days were wash outs and both were days scheduled for indoor filming. Accept them and accept the cup as offered It was Providence.

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Faith is realized in dramatic way on screen as well, through each character's reaction as they enter the grand cathedral. But over the course of the journey, there is conversion for all of them," Estevez explains. The church has a lot to answer for. And, in fact, he gets to Santiago, and "temples of tears"; takes on a whole new meaning.

It brings him to his knees. That was "one of those moments when we were shooting it, we thought, 'Oh, we don't know if this will work'. But it ends up being one of the more powerful moments in the whole film.

Charlie Puth - The Way I Am [Official Video]

The pilgrimage each trekker makes is one that leads to deep realizations and for some a spiritual awakening. This has been the history of this trail, which coincidentally ends in Sheen's father's hometown of Galicia, Spain. The pilgrims would see them, and it would inspire them to keep going because it was like an image of Heaven," Sheen says. So it's not just a passing thing; it was life-changing. You generally start out with a lot of stuff because you want to be prepared for whatever happens.

As you go, you begin to have confidence and you begin to realize you over packed, and you begin to disperse all the stuff," Sheen says.